The coaches of the UNM Ski Team, in consultation with the UNM Corporate Ski Cup Executive Board, established rules and schedules for the race series. Races will be conducted by the coaches and or individuals designated by them in conjunction with the participating ski areas.

Each registered team will select one of the five divisions. Any individual (not on a team) will be listed in the Open Class division.

2.1 COMPETITIVE CATEGORY (more advanced)

2.1.1 UNLIMITED: Open recruiting. Ability level: former ski racers, ski patrol, ski instructors, pro racers, advanced skiers,skiers with little or no racing experience.

2.1.2 CORPORATE (Verification may be required): No outside recruiting except employee's immediate family members. Ability level: former ski racers, weekend racers, advanced skiers.

2.1.3 CO-ED RACE: Open recruiting. Ability level: more advanced skiers with some racing experience (must score at least two (2) women).

2.1.4 SkiTeam: Ski Team (ex. Santa Fe, Angel Fire etc) members and their families (designated for junior alpine teams.  Can be mixed with their family members)

2.2 RECREATIONAL CATEGORY (more recreational)

2.2.1 RECREATIONAL: Open recruiting. Ability level: fair to good skiers with very little ski racing experience (entry level division).

2.2.2 CO-ED SPORT: Open recruiting. Ability level: fair to good skiers or skiers with little or no ski racing experience (must score at least two (2) women).

2.3  OPEN CLASS: Individuals not registered on a team may register in the Open Class division.

2.4 All newly formed teams must select a division in either the Competitive or the Recreational category. The Competitive category is for more advanced racers. Individuals racing for a team in the Competitive category cannot race for a team in the Recreational category and vice versa.

2.5 Each competitor must declare his or her classification at race registration and cannot switch from skis to snowboard, or vice versa, during the same competition.

2.6 The Handicap Committee reserves the right to move teams from one category to another category based on performance. Individual scores may be affected. THE DECISION OF THE HANDICAP COMMITTEE IS FINAL!!

2.7 FORMAT: Events will be held on a 25 to 35-gate giant slalom course. Each skier and snowboarder will ski each of two courses once with the single best ratio with respect to par time to count for scoring. Safety adjustments will be made accordingly.

3.1 Any skier or snowboarder may compete on a team.
3.2 A Skier or snowboarders may ski for only one team.
3.3 Registered racers cannot race as a floater.
3.4 Skiers registering and racing in the Open Class division may not also ski for a team in that race.
3.5 Skiers age for handicap & classification will be their age as of December 31st.

All companies and/or individuals are eligible to enter teams, which may consist up to six skiers or snowboarders (or a mixture of skiers and snowboarders) . Multiple teams from any group are encouraged. A team may be as few as one person. (Each person gets a score).


4.1.1 Three step process:

1 - Before January 1st, Team Captains need to fill out the on-line team captains registration form found under "register" on this web site.  Ski Cup Director will then e-mail an Excel team registration form to the team captains using the information provided.

2- Before January 7th, Team Captains must complete and submit the Excel registration form for each team, via e-mail to unmskicup@yahoo.com.  The form must include complete race roster with racer names, age, sex, skier or snowboarder. A $50 fee will be added to teams submitting the Excel registration form after Friday, January 6th.  Team entry fee, or team entry fee pledge, must be received with team registration. 

3- Ski Cup Director will e-mail an Excel Race Entry Form for each race to the team captains. Race Entry Form must be submitted by 12:00 noon, Thursday prior to the race weekend.  Racers will be seeded in the order they are listed on the race entry form. 

4.1.2 Roster Substitutions No roster substitutions are allowed after the team race registration form has been submitted (12:00 noon on Thursday prior to the race weekend).

4.1.3 IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS: Each team will be assigned ID numbers for their team members. The ID numbers will remain the same throughout the season. Each racer must show a state issued ID at registration in order to get their bib number.  Identification cards will be issued to team captains for floaters entered.   Each skier must sign a waiver of liability to receive the ID card and to be allowed to compete in the UNM Corporate Ski Cup events.

4.2 COST
4.2.1 First team of 6 (or less) is $600.00. Additional teams of 6 (or less) from the same company or business entity are $550.00. Open Class - individual entry fee is $35.00 per race (Two runs). Entry fee for a team of 6 (or less) for one race is $200.00.

4.2.2 Additional floater participants above and beyond a team of six (6) may be purchased for $50.00 each. (Maximum of two (2)) NOTE: Additional two floaters will not receive participation points if the team already has 6 participants.

Floater participation points will count toward the total team score. Anyone designated by the team captain may race as a floater, and must present a floater I.D. Total team size including floaters, will not be more than six (6). Exception: see rule 4.2.2.

The duties of the team captain as follows:
4.4.1 Acting as contact person, making the final decisions for his/her team.
4.4.2 Submitting team rosters: making changes as necessary prior to noon on Thursday before each race.
4.4.3 Providing names floating entries if applicable.
4.4.4 Distributing racer results and other details to his/her team.
4.4.5 Attending or assigning another team member to attend the captains meetings.
4.4.6 Informing team members of the UNM Corporate Ski Cup rules.
4.4.7 Appointing a person to work with the race organization when requested each team may be asked to supply one (1) person at one (1) race during the season.
4.4.8 Submitting Protests after unofficial results are posted on race hill.

5.0 RACE

Bib pick up will be held the morning of the race, between 8:00am-10:00am. Racers will pick up their race bib, sign a waiver, and purchase a discounted lift ticket. 
5.1.1 Everyone that picks up a bib must do so in person and must present a state issued ID card.
5.1.2 No person may pick up a bib for another, except (a) spouse with the same last name, (b) parents or legal guardians of children 12 years old and under.


5.2.1 BIB PICK-UP: 8:00 am - 9:45 am. All Ski Cup racers must pick up a bib and sign a waiver at the registration area. All racers may purchase a discount lift ticket at ticket booth or at bib pick-up.  Corporate Ski Cup bib is required for discount. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

5.2.2 RACE START ORDER (RECONFIRM START TIME AT TOP OF RACE COURSE) Racers will be run in bib order (low bibs first). Women from both categories will run first, then Competitive category men, and then Recreational category men.  Scheduled start time is 10:00 am. (approx. 2 skiers per minute). Competitive and Recreational Category First Run scheduled from 10:00 to 11:30 am in bib order. Competitive and Recreational category Second Run scheduled from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm in bib order.

Competitive and Recreational category women will run ahead of all men.

There will be a total of four seeds for the Competitive Category Men.  Racers start positions are random within each seed.  Racers will be seeded according to the order on the race roster sent in by the team captain for each race. Floaters will be seeded in seed 4.
5.4.1 Open Class skiers/snowboarders who register by Thursday noon the week prior to the race day will also be seeded.  Individuals who registers on race day will be in seed 4.

An official in the event of interference or timing malfunctions may grant Re-runs. DECISION OF RACE OFFICIAL IS FINAL.

A racer may be disqualified for a single run, both runs, or for the season for:
5.6.1 Racing under false identification.
5.6.2 Racing with the wrong bib or no bib, or failing to display the bib during the run.
5.6.3 Missing a gate, not passing around the gate in proper manner.
5.6.4 Unsportsmanlike conduct.
5.6.5 Skiing through the gates prior to the race.
5.6.6 Missing your start.

5.7.1 Protests concerning no time recorded or disqualification may be made to the finish line official within 30 minutes after racer runs the course.
5.7.2 Protests concerning incorrect times, incorrect bib number, or procedural problems must be submitted by team captains via email (unmskicup@yahoo.com) no later than Monday 5 p.m. Protests will be answered within 24 hours upon receipt.

6.1 Unofficial individual finish times will be posted at the timing shack and/or the lodge during the race.
6.2 Official team scores will be calculated and posted on-line by 5 pm Sunday following the competition. If possible, unofficial team scores will be posted at race site after the finish of the pm competition.
6.3 Official results will be posted on-line and e-mailed to team captains by Sunday 5 pm of the race weekend. Final Results (adjusted after protests) will be available online by Tuesday 5 pm or may be picked up at the evening socials.
6.4 Par time is calculated by using the average of the ten fastest for each run for the Unlimited category and 5 fastest for each run for the recreational category. This average time is then reduced by about 8 to 12 percent to get the Male Par Time. The Female Par Time is set about 8 percent higher than the Male Par Time.
6.5 All snowboarders will be given a ten (10) percent reduction off of their final time(s) in order to compensate for inherent disadvantages. This handicap percentage is based off the national standard.

Season long for all divisions.
7.1.1 The team scores per race will be computed by adding the top four (4) scoring individuals.
7.1.2 Team scores per season will be computed by adding together race scores for all 3 races.
7.1.3 Trophies for the season will be presented in each division: trophies for First-Third place in all divisions.
7.1.4 Team scores will be based on the achievement awards won by team members; Gold (3-3.99), Silver (2-2.99), Bronze (1-1.99) plus bonus points for each racer per race + ½ point per racer up to six (6) participants. (The top four (4) medal grades will count for team scoring. Plus, the participation points.) The Co-ed Division has to score at least two women.

Given at the banquet in the following groups (we got rid of the open class awards):
Two race results required to receive award. Fewer awards might be awarded if class has 3 or fewer finishers.
7.2.1 All divisions men- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, based on finish result 2 out of 3 races. Ties will be broken by best race ratio.
7.2.2 All divisions women-1st, 2nd, 3rd based on finish result 2 out of 3 races. Ties will be broken by best raw times.
7.2.3 Competitive and Recreational Category Overall Kids (14 and under) Awards – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd based finish results 2 out of 3 races. All kids with a minimum of 2 race finishes will receive participation awards.
7.2.4 Overall male and female Snowboarder Award for Competitive and Recreational Category.

7.3.1 Achievement award (gold, silver, & bronze) will be based on a nationally recognized age/sex handicap. The handicap represents a skier's percentage of time behind the par time, similar to NASTAR.  Category: gold, silver, & bronze. Achievement award bracelets will continue to be awarded for each race result and used for calculating team score.

8.1 Participation in races, training days, and socials.
8.2 Purchase half price lift tickets (all day/all lift adult tickets only) while participating during the
events (except Taos Ski Valley which offers a discounted lift ticket).
8.3 Eligible to win prizes and awards.
8.4 Eligible to earn Raffle Tickets (corporate bucks) to be used to win prices at Banquet.
8.5 Receive up to six (6) discounted banquet tickets at $10/ticket for the annual Corporate Ski Cup/UNM Ski Team Awards Banquet per team entered (only teams entering 3 races are eligible for discounted banquet tickets). Cost for Additional Banquets Attendees will be $25 for Adults and $15 for kids 14 and under.