Dear UNM Ski Team Alumni and Fans,

We hope this letter finds you in good fortune. The UNM SKi Team has been a program for excellence for skiing in New Mexico and around the world for over 40 years. The team has provided an education opportunity and a chance for members to excel in the sport of skiing for hundreds of athletes and our record of excellence speaks for itself. We are asking our Alumni and fans to step up and give back to an organization that has supported your athletic and academic goals in the past.

Today the future of UNM Ski Team is standing at a cross road. We can either stay competitive and be able to keep on beating up the Utes, Pioneers, Buffalo's, and Catamounts or we can fall behind and no longer be a threat to these top teams. As Lobos, you all know that we will work harder than any other team to stay competitive, and to win another NCAA title, and we know that this is what you want. The reality is that we are falling behind the other top teams financially and the support from UNM Athletics is $40,000 dollars short of what we need to cover our operating expenses. It is getting harder and harder for us to do what is necessary and we are running out of ways to cut our expenses. We will continue to eat lots of pasta, put some hard long miles on the vans, wear out a bunch of running shoes, spend hours waxing skis, and brake an untold number of gates but we need your assistance.

You built this team by being a member or fan and we will carry on your legacy of the LOBO Ski Team but we need you to step up and support your team. Our operating budget is smaller today than it was 15 years ago. We need to be able to support our athletes to compete in big national races and we need to be able to fully support our athletes when we go to Red River for ski training. For this we need your support. There are 100's of Ski Team Alumni and fans out there and this is your team. Alll sizes of donations are appreciated and we are counting on your help to drive this campaign and to help us find all our alumni and increase our fan base. You all know that the years you spent on the Lobo ski team were some of the best years of your lives. Lets come together and make sure that this will be true for all future Lobo ski team members as well. We will use this web site and our blog to post pictures and stories from you. Click on the MEMBERS Button above to see current club members. Look below for ways to donate to the team.

"It is not the size of the wolf in a fight but the size of the fight in a wolf" - Mark Twain. You should be proud on being part of UNM Skiing.

Thanks for your support.

Fredrik and Joe


The membership is on a year by year basis and to become a member you will have to donate to support this years team. Current and past Coaches as well as past sponsors will not get a free membership.

* Exception 1- Life time membership with a current or past donation in excess of $50,000.
**Exception 2 - current sponsors giving $2500 or more will become members for their sponsorship year.

The satisfaction of supporting YOUR UNM Lobo Ski Team. To take ownership of the team and to give back to the team that supported your athletic and academic goals in the past. The knowledge that your support is making a difference. The satisfaction of helping us reaching out to all former ski team alumni and having them become members of the UNM Ski Team Diamond Club.

To be able to stay in touch with current and former ski team members and fans through this web site, the ski team blog, and the ski team Facebook site.

Entered in to a monthly raffle of UNM ski Team or Alumni Swag.