Aljaž Praznik – Our senior in the Ski Team

My name is Aljaž Praznik, and I am the senior athlete who has been on the Nordic ski team the longest. This year is special for me because it is my last year. There is something different about the senior year- it seems like you get some special strength and motivation for training. I have been a member of the Lobo Ski Team for 3 years now but have competed at NCAA championships only once. The other 2 years I was able to qualify, but was always ill when it was time to compete. Therefore, I won’t hide the fact that I want to win the title this year. This is how I want to finish my skiing career. I also am the first Nordic skier from my country who came to US to ski for a collegiate Nordic ski team. This fact makes me proud because I know that I am brave. I consider the decision to come to New Mexico to ski as the best decision I have ever made. 

I also have a special name, I have never heard an American person say my name right, so they gave me nicknames, lots of nicknames. My friends call me: A.P, Momo, Jazzy, Ali, Al, Slovenia. The last one comes from the fact that I come from there. It is my country of two million people, squished between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. I am never to far from the paradises of Europe. I also love nature- this is probably why I am a student in the Environmental science department.

 Being outdoors is one of my favorite things to do, right after surfing a wave and skiing of course. Well music is up there also. I have spent more than 30 days sleeping under the stars in forests of the Western US this summer. I also rollerskied over the Golden Gate bridge.

 Ski team is my second family and I will work hard for the Lobos to win the NCAA title this year.

Go Lobos!

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